Fur Daddy Sonic Pet Hair Remover That Cleans Up Fur With Ease

  • Sonic powered pet hair remover, that cleans up unwanted pet fur, quickly and easily 
  • The sonic technology creates vibrations that loosen and lift embedded pet hair, so it can be easily swept away
  • The microfibre bristles sweep up the pet hair, dirt & dander
  • Simply turn it on and roll Fur Daddy back and forth on dry household surfaces, carpet or fabric
  • Ultra-bright, built-in LED light helps you see hair and dirt while cleaning 
  • Easy, empty trap - collects hair as you clean 
  • Removes pet hair from couches, beds, comforters, blankets, car seats, clothes & more!
  • Comfort grip handle 
  • Cordless, lightweight and reusable
  • Battery operated - requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Storage loop on top of the handle 
  • Buy 1, get 1 more

Q: Is Fur Daddy cordless?

Yes, Fur Daddy is cordless and requires 2 x AAA batteries to operate (not included). 

Q: What kind of surfaces does Fur Daddy work best on?

Fur Daddy works on most household surfaces, carpets and fabrics. It's ideal for couches, beds, blankets, car seats and clothes. Use only in dry locations. 

Q: How big is the cleaning surface of Fur Daddy?

Fur Daddy has a wide cleaning surface of 17cm.

Q: Can I use Fur Daddy on my pet?

Fur Daddy should never be used on your pet.

Q: Does Fur Daddy have a storage hook so I can hang it when I am not using it?

Yes, Fur Daddy has a storage loop on top of the handle. To hang, simply extend the storage loop from the tip of the handle and place on a hook. 

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