Cop Cam Records DAY or NIGHT When Motion Is Detected!

  • Compact, cordless security camera
  • Motion sensor only records when motion is detected
  • Easy to hide – measures less than 1-square inch
  • Loop records so you never miss a thing
  • Powerful microphone records audio
  • Night Vision enabled thanks to 6 infrared LEDs
  • View recorded videos on your computer
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • One-button operation
  • Perfect to use as a dash cam, body cam, and action cam
  • Includes Cop Cam, swivel clip, table stand, 8GB memory card, and USB cable

Q: How is video stored on Cop Cam?

Video is stored on the included 8GB micro SD card.

Q: Can I use a bigger memory card in Cop Cam?

Cop Cam can accommodate micro SD memory cards up to 32GB in capacity. Not Included.

Q: Is Cop Cam weather-proof?

Cop Cam should always be placed in a dry area away from moisture.

Q: How do I view recorded video?

Simply remove the micro SD card and insert into your computer or compatible device. You will be able to access the folder for the micro SD card from your computer.

Q: Will the camera stop recording if it runs out of space?

Cop Cam loop records so it never stops recording. That means it never runs out of space, nor stops while recording!

Q: How much video footage is recorded before Cop Cam begins loop recording?

Cop Cam when equipped with the standard 8GB micro SD card records up to 50 minutes of video before loop-recording.

Q: How long does the battery run?

On a full charge, Cop Cam’s battery runs continuously for 45 minutes of recording time.

Q: Does Cop Cam record all the time?

Cop Cam only records when motion is detected. This saves battery time and recording space.

Q: Does Cop Cam know when to turn off?

If Cop Cam does not detect motion for 3 minutes, it will go into Auto-Off mode to conserve battery life. Once motion is detected again, Cop Cam begins recording.

Q: Does Cop Cam record audio too?

Yes! Cop Cam has a powerful, built-in microphone that records perfect audio.

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