Clean Zone™ The Easy Way To Sanitise Your CPAP

  • Sanitises your CPAP reservoir, hose, and mask using sanitising Ozone
  • Activated oxygen (ozone) is created by Clean Zone’s™ internal Ozone generator
  • Lightweight, compact and portable  - easy to store or take with you when you travel
  • Simple 1 button operation. Just press start and walk away
  • Shuts off automatically when done
  • Compatible with most makes and models of CPAP machines
  • Built-in long lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery – maintenance free
  • Breathe in healthy, clean air and sleep peacefully
  • The Clean Zone™ system includes - 1 x CPAP sanitiser, 2 x hose adapters, 1 x sanitising zip bag & 1 x USB charging cord
  • BONUS - Deluxe storage bag

Always read the instruction manual before use

Q: How big is Clean Zone™?

Clean Zone™ is 11.43cm L x 6.35cm W x 5.08cm H and weighs 173.4gms. 

Q: Do I need to use the large sanitising zip bag when sanitising the CPAP machine hose, mask and reservoir?

Yes, the large sanitising zip bag is required for effective sanitising and safe operation of your Clean Zone™.

Please read and follow all instructions for safe and effective use of Clean Zone™

Q: How long is the sanitising cycle?

The sanitising cycle for Clean Zone lasts 30 minutes and it shuts off automatically when done. After the sanitising cycle is complete, you must leave the water reservoir, mask and hose in the sealed zip bag for an additional hour after the sanitising cycle has ended, to allow any residual activated oxygen or ozone to revert back to ordinary oxygen.

Q: Does Clean Zone™ use chemicals to sanitise my CPAP machine?

Clean Zone™ doesn't use any chemicals or water to sanitise your CPAP machine. Clean Zone™ generates ozone which effectively sanitises your CPAP. 

Q: Does Clean Zone™ require batteries to operate?

Clean Zone™ doesn’t require batteries. Clean Zone™ is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, so it’s maintenance free. Charge the unit using the USB charging cable provided.

Q: How often should I use Clean Zone™?

It’s recommended that you use Clean Zone™ to sanitise your CPAP hose and mask daily. The reservoir should be sanitised weekly.

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